Rita Flores Moore


With over 14 years of coaching experience, Rita works with speakers and allows them to remove any fear they might have so that they are confident, stronger, and more powerful. She helps them stand, walk, and prepare for camera with more confidence, poise, and power on stage, in boardrooms, and on video.

In addition, Rita gives counsel, with great clarity, and empowers individuals to transform and achieve more.

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Rita earned her “Train The Trainer Certification” at the University of Richmond.

As a result of my training and experience, I deliver training that enables clients to create a higher level of performance, become more productive, and leave empowered to achieve awesome results.

She facilitates trainings on:
• Public Access TV Production
• Effective Communication
• Business Ethics

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Rita Moore


Hosts, Rita Moore and Minister Belinda Todd are Motivational – Inspirational Speakers and Community Access Network Television Producers. They are like-minded professional speakers who share an enthusiasm for people and their professional transformations. They enable clients to express their creativity and explore issues through television. They share client successes and are able to connect them to the events that have marked their past and those that are shaping their future.

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Community advocates love Community Access because it’s your voice.

Politicians love it because it’s your government.

Ministers and Evangelists love it because it’s your churches.

Theater lovers and artists love it because it’s your arts.

Parents love it because it’s your schools.

Teachers love it because it’s your children.

Animal lovers love it because it’s your pets.

Volunteers love it because it’s your talents.

Civic organizations love it because it’s your neighbors.

Everyone loves Community Access because it’s your life, your community, your vision, … “Your Station”!

CATV is committed to the value of community television, consistently delivering local alternatives to commercial broadcast television.

CATV provides a window to the community you live in, and is an effective vehicle for providing a voice for local diversity and expression.

Community Access facilities provide production tools for residents and nonprofit organizations to produce their own non-commercial programming for cable and web casting.

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