Trainer, Transformation Coach & Public Access Television Producer

rita1 Rita Flores Moore

I am a Public Access Television Producer, co-host of cable talk show “Fine Living Today”, and an Engaging, Energetic, Inspirational Speaker.  I am also a Distinguished Toastmaster with five Toastmasters International District Speech Champion Awards.

As a Trainer, I take speakers and allow them to remove any fear they might have so that they are confident, stronger, and more powerful.  I help them stand with more confidence, poise, and power on stage in boardrooms and in meetings.

As a Transformation Coach I help clients focus on character and motives.    In addition, I give counsel, with great clarity, and empower individuals to transform and achieve more.

I blend my background with corporate experience to convey points of leadership and goal achievement. I easily express my passion for possibilities.

As a Public Access Producer I enable clients to express their creativity and explore issues through television.  I share client successes and connect them to the events that have marked their past and those that are shaping their future.

My mission is to help individuals become more successful by clarifying their direction and leveraging their unique talents and opportunities.

I help with Brand Clarity by taking business owners and showing them how to market themselves online using Videos for video email, video newsletters, and video conferencing.  I help them make communication interesting so that emails and newsletters get read or in this case, heard and everyone receives positive results.

I earned my Train the Trainer Certification at the University of Richmond.

As a result of my training and experience, I deliver training that enables clients to create a higher level of performance, become more productive, and leave empowered to achieve awesome results.